Weight Loss Gold Coast is here for you! Would you be curious if there was a  place that had Weight Loss, Motivation, Programs, and Diets and Mental aspects that actually work?

~We want you to succeed in your journey not only shedding those unwanted pounds/kilos, but in keeping them off.

Did you know that the vast majority of people who ‘Lose Weight’ gain it all back; and them some? Do you know of someone like that? Maybe someone close to you? Maybe someone VERY CLOSE? 

~Why did they have ALL of that Weight Loss only to gain it back and them some?

Answer: They didn’t focus on the thing that got them there in the first place which was their mind!   That’s right. Think about it. Most people eat or over eat because it is comforting to them the moment the eat the food. HOWEVER, how do you feel after you’ve eaten all that food? You feel really bad don’t you? So what do you do when you feel bad? You want to feel better, so you go for the short term fix of FOOD which starts the cycle all over again doesn’t it?

You have to figure out what area of your life is triggering this. If any so called “Weight Loss” program just talks about exercise and diet, do you think that it’s going to have a lasting change for you? What if they added the ‘Mental’ aspect of it to dig down to find out what’s really going on inside of you. Do you think that this way would work better? I’m going to let you decide.

I believe that at Weight Loss Gold Coast you’ll find that we do things a little bit differently then most.




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~ A Small one time set up fee to put your address/phone number/photos/’custom’ email account on the website (for the rental).

As you can see this is a bare bones website (Nothing Flash)..

We can custom build your website to YOUR specifications just the way you want it to look, just ask us how!

If you don’t know exactly what you want, don’t worry most of our clients don’t know either. This is where we assist in guiding you to your best conclusion.

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