Can Hypnotherapy Help You With Weight Loss?

How To Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

At Weight Loss Gold Coast we know that Losing weight can be one of the hardest challenges in life.

You need to decide to start working out and eating more healthy food in order to start on your weight loss journey. You will also get your body in shape and it is a benefit which should motivate you. Hypnosis is just a piece of the puzzle that can be a huge benefit. 

Losing Weight doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. Let’s do this together.

Probably you have worked out before, but you’ve stopped because you lost motivation or you haven’t had time recently. Whatever the reason is, it’s important that you stay dedicated and motivated. Maybe you haven’t seen the wanted results, but nothing good happens overnight so remember that.

If you have had tried everything else and it didn’t work out for you maybe trying to lose weight with hypnotherapy and hypnosis will help you.

It’s something you should definitely try if you have tried everything else and nothing has worked out for you. Weight loss is a major factor in most peoples lives. They struggle not only to take it off, but to keep it off. 

How Can You Achieve Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to put someone in an induced sleep where the person is feeling very relaxed. 

Losing Weight starts with putting the right fuel in your temple (Body)!

Many people think that when you get hypnotised you are in a deep sleep which isn’t true. 

Once a person is hypnotised, the subconscious mind is revealed more than the conscious mind. And as you have might hear already, all the bad habits, fears, phobias, deep emotional problems are stored in our subconscious minds.

However, thanks to the hypnosis, we can reveal our subconscious mind a little bit more which gives us a chance to deal with all the fears, phobias, and emotional problems stored in there. Also thanks to the trained and licensed hypnotherapists, there is a chance to heal our body and emotions through hypnosis.

Hypnosis won’t immediately help you with weight loss, yet it will be your emotional and subconscious guide which will help you eat healthy food, exercise and stay motivated until the end.

It’s the same principle as when you try to quit smoking using hypnosis.

If you try to quit smoking on your own will, it will only reach your conscious mind, and you can quit smoking but cravings for a cigarette might appear even years after. However, if you try to quit smoking through hypnosis which helps your subconscious mind understand the benefits of quitting – you will be able to quit more easily and not crave for a cigarette ever again in life. 

Remember, you are beautiful, and you Love yourself unconditionally.

The same thing happens when you try to lose weight. Especially as losing weight is more of a long-term goal and it’s sometimes really hard to stay on the track.

How Does it Work?

Hypnotherapists claim that hypnosis isn’t meant to be a diet at all.

Hypnosis is a tool which could help your subconscious mind think differently about your body, health, and the food.

If you have a problem imagining yourself being fit, exercising and eating healthy every day – hypnosis might be a great idea for you. Hypnosis through your subconscious mind will help you understand and experience what it feels like when you are strong, fit and in control of your body and life.

It’s the reason why hypnosis actually works and helps people lose weight. Hypnosis will help you overcome mental barriers to achieving wanted goals. It works the same way as listening to motivational music or even motivational speakers and watching motivational exercise trainers while working out.

However, hypnosis will place that good feeling in your subconscious mind which will keep you feel ready to get up and work out even when you’re at your lowest.

The only reason hypnosis work is because it changes the way people think about food and eating, as it allows people to learn to be more relaxed and calm. People understand that eating is not for emotional situations, it’s simply a solution to hunger.

Does it Actually Work?

It works as long as you are ready to stay committed.

People gain weight for various reasons. Some of them are emotional problems which cause people to eat to feel better. However, there are people who simply eat out of boredom.

However, there are some people who just gained a few pounds because of the holidays, which happens a lot and hypnosis can help you get back in the shape as well.

Hypnosis works for people because it helps them separate their feelings from eating, and it helps them never to mix the emotional life with food and eating ever again.

Hypnotherapy helps you put your mind on the right path, and hypnosis will make sure you keep the same way of thinking all the way through.

It can even help people who hate exercising, and wouldn’t do it at any cost by simply changing the way their subconscious mind thinks.

Although, I would always recommend you to start working out and start eating more healthy food to see how it goes while you set up an appointment with a licensed hypnotherapist. And once you start having hypnosis sessions, over some time you will see improvements coming from your habits and personality.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects when you are trying to lose weight with the help of hypnosis.

If it works out and you start feeling the change – it’s great for you. However, if you don’t see any results – you can simply quit and it would be like it never happened.

One out of four people can’t get hypnotised. And three other people who get successfully hypnotised don’t reach the same intensity level. 

However, make sure that you visit a licensed therapist and have in mind that changes can’t happen overnight, so you will have to go to the sessions regularly.


Weight loss is everything, yet it’s not easy.

It can give you a hard time physically and mentally. In my opinion, it’s harder to concentrate, stay focused and motivated than just go out and do the exercises.

That’s why hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help you and your mind to be prepared and ready for the challenge.

Eating healthy can be a problem as well, but once you start – there is no going back. Follow your hypnotherapy, exercise and eat healthily and I am sure you will see the results.

You will not only  experience physical results but many psychological results as well.

Contact Us if you’re ready to start your journey of weight loss to a new slimmer, healthier you; mentally as well as physically.. You’ll be glad that you did.

Balance Diet and Exercise = Best Results

Balance Diet and Exercise to Achieve the Best Results

There has been no shortage of conversation about the importance of diet and exercise to achieving and maintaining a healthy body. However, these conversations usually lack information about how exactly the combination of diet and exercise can help you to achieve the results you desire.

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Weightloss starts and ends with you doesn’t it?

Depending on what your goal is, you need to combine diet and exercise in a specific way for obtaining the body you want. Are you striving for weight loss or are you keen on building muscle? Here are some tips for balancing diet and exercise to achieve both.

Combining Diet and Exercise to Achieve Weight Loss

If your primary goal is to lose weight, follow these strategies:

1. Eat less carbs and sugars. Excess carbs can diminish any attempts at weight loss. Carbohydrates are converted into sugar, which causes your body to produce more insulin. Excessive insulin inhibits the breakdown of fat. Fat that is not broken down is stored – usually in places you don’t want it!

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Healthy Eating makes ALL the difference when it comes to weightloss!

2. Do more cardio. Cardiovascular exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn calories! Try to include cardio in your fitness routine as often as possible for the best results. If you only have time for either a cardio workout or weight training, choose cardio if you want to lose weight.

3. Eat smaller meals more frequently. When you feed your body in heavy portions, it takes that much longer to digest the food. Hence, your body ends up storing more than you want it to. Stored food automatically results in weight gain, so keep those meals small and more frequent if you want your body to burn them well.

4. Exercise in the morning. Performing your exercise routines before you do anything tells your body to go into efficient mode. Therefore, your metabolism is higher all day.

Tips for Mixing Exercise and Diet if Your Goal is Muscle Gain

Not everybody who works out wants to lose weight! In fact, some actually want to pack on the pounds in the form of muscle. If you’re in that category, you’ll definitely get the results you’re looking for if you combine diet and exercise as recommended below:

1. Do more weight training. As muscles meet resistance, they begin to get stronger and more defined. Keep this point in mind if you’re on a “more muscle mass” mission!

2. Eat more carbs and protein. In order to develop more muscle mass, you’ll need to make two basic, yet effective, adjustments at the dinner table:

• Consume more carbs, which will give you the energy and endurance needed to keep up with that weight training!
• Increase your protein intake so you can provide your muscles with the nutrients they need to develop healthily.

3. Do fewer reps with heavier weights. You can’t build muscle by lifting just any weights! Lift heavier weights if your mission is to improve muscle mass. Lighter weights in longer sets burn calories, but heavier weights in shorter sets will really pile on those symbols of strength!

Once you follow these guidelines, you’ll undoubtedly see the results you’re seeking sooner than you think! All it takes is a little discipline and a lot of motivation to transform your body, but once you achieve your fitness target, it’ll be worth the effort.

There is an old saying that holds true even today: “Less in, More out”. Meaning less food in, and more movement (exercise)!  Simple!!

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